We would like to share a story from one of our amazing NECHAMA volunteers. Following a chance to serve with a recent volunteer phone shift, they sent us this encouraging note:

“I want to share with you the wonderful efforts to train and support volunteers put out by Volunteer Team Leader Haley this week. I also want to share an experience I had of how the values of NECHAMA were demonstrated.

The needs of the individuals calling into the Crisis Cleanup Hotline are great. NECHAMA has demonstrated the value of each individual. After a call with a very vulnerable adult, I experienced a Crisis Cleanup program glitch- the information I entered was not saved. I had no way to follow-up with the individual. They were without food and water, had suffered a stroke, and lost three family members within recent months (Covid and otherwise). Their home was damaged beyond being able to remain in it, mold had set in, and they felt their coping resources were exhausted. They were alone and without family to help.

I contacted Haley and through her channels, the computer programmer from Crisis Cleanup called me. The wheels moved deliberately to locate this individual. No stone was left unturned. I was so impressed that this individual mattered so much. Hours into the night were spent sorting through the programming records to try and identify them. Haley did not miss a beat. She stayed engaged until the individual was identified and resources were offered. This effort exemplifies the Jewish value of the immeasurable worth of each person so beautifully.

This has been a rich experience and I am grateful for your part in offering a way to serve others through NECHAMA.”

The dedication by all shows our mission in action: providing comfort and hope to communities by engaging volunteers in disaster recovery work. By working together, we can assist families who are dealing with the loss of their home in a new way. Through committed volunteers and partners we can respond faster to a disaster. As a result, we can help families repair the loss they have experienced and move home sooner. By answering each phone call, we provide hope to a stranger and an assurance that there are better days ahead.

Are you interested in helping with future phone calls? Follow this link to our Volunteer Sign-up Form to register today. After signing up, you will receive training and be ready to assist with phone calls during future disasters.

Be sure to follow the progress of our Texas Assessment Team. Check back for updates on our work from in the field!