NECHAMA assessment teams arrived on the ground in Louisiana 5 months ago! As of Monday, staff and volunteers have dedicated 7,348 hours to assist homeowners in returning to their homes. While our work continues, we would be remiss if we did not thank the partnerships we have made and continued to make on this journey of recovery in Louisiana.

In our early days on the ground, our partnership with IOCC kicked off this response and allowed us to organize and set up a long-term response. This partnership continues today!

Donations given to our Hurricane Ida Response Fund at the onset of the storm allowed us to spring into action and head to Louisiana to begin assessing the damage. A grant from the Jewish Federation of North America allowed us to amplify the response by providing much-needed funding during the initial months of the program. Early support is key to ensuring we can respond immediately and respond to the best of our ability.

And who can forget the partnerships with volunteers! We have welcomed individual volunteers and groups from AmeriCorps NCCC, Volunteer Louisiana, Sigma Nu, and NCSY. NCSY has since returned with 15 additional groups! Check out the photo above of a recent group hard at work!

As we continue our work, we want to mention another wonderful organization. A partner organization that has supported us as we have moved through this response, the United Way of St. Charles has committed resources and funds to allow this work to continue through the end of March 2022. We are excited about their recent financial commitment and look forward to partnering further in the upcoming months! Check out this article recently featured in the Herald Guide!

It truly does take a village, or in this case, the effort of many groups working together, to assist families in their recovery journey!

Are you interested in supporting this program as a volunteer or through a financial contribution? Head over to our Hurricane Ida Response page to learn more!