(Pictured: Todd Heilicher, Steve Lear, Reva Lear, Betty Katz, Steve Hunegs)

Our celebration of volunteerism continues!

We thought it would be awesome to take you back to when it all began! Pictured in the photo above is not only the first trailer of tools NECHAMA owned… but also the first amazing group of volunteers!

Over the years, our trailers and vehicles have changed, but the consistent support of our volunteers has not waivered. We love that you continue to join our programs throughout the country. We love that you show up with a smile on your face and jump in to help where ever you can.

Without the support of volunteers across the country, we would not be able to make the impact that we do!!!

We would love to hear your NECHAMA volunteer story and share what inspires you to volunteer! Email your story and a photo(s) to info@nechama.org. Your story will be featured during our volunteer appreciation series in April.

Feeling inspired to volunteer with our Louisiana Hurricane Ida program? Head on over to our Hurricane Ida page to learn more and sign up today!

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