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Tennessee Tornados Assessment


Between the late evening of Monday, March 2, and the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3, multiple tornadoes measuring EF3 (between 155 and 165 mph) and EF4 (175 mph) touched down in Putnam County and areas of Nashville. Twenty-four deaths are confirmed, including young children, with additional injuries exceeding 150 people, and over 140 collapsed buildings.

About Our Tennessee Assessment

NECHAMA concluded our assessment period in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday March 17th, and returned to Minnesota. We decreased our assessment period to 11 days due to the CDC guidelines for COVID-19, making sure to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers, and homeowners.

We used the assessment period to establish contact with local authorities, address immediate needs, provide services where possible, though ultimately determined not to start a Program. During our time in Tennessee, we were able to support nine families and a small family-owned business. In addition to chainsaw work and removing downed trees and branches, we were also able to work with Footprint Project with delivering and installing solar trailers to affected communities. Working alongside our disaster partner IOCC, we also completed minor demolition work, and debris cleanup.

Assessment Updates

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NECHAMA concluded our assessment period in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday, and returned to Minnesota. Our decision to decrease our assessment period to 11 days was in part due to the... Read More

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