Programs / May 31, 2020

Twin Cities Response

Our Response

Following the riots after the shooting of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, the Twin Cities launched cleanup efforts of the over 500 damaged and looted business and assisted with disruptions of access to food and supplies for thousands. Requests for assistance came in many forms. We worked daily to respond to the community needs.

Our response efforts included delivering food to multiple temporary and established food banks in Minneapolis and St. Paul, assisting community food banks in sanitizing, organizing, and distributing food and supplies, and clearing debris from local businesses damaged during the riots.


Small Business Repair Project

Our work was centered along East Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN. NECHAMA staff and volunteers cleaned and repaired eight small businesses, restoring the damaged business to an operational state.

Hot Meal Delivery Project

NECHAMA delivered over 1,000 hot meals to temporary housing areas and a food bank in partnership with Reverie, a Minneapolis restaurant.

Food & Supply Delivery Project

We worked with local Food Banks and temporary distribution centers to procure donations, organize, deliver food/supplies, and transport food overflow to other local food banks. We worked at the following locations:

  • Sanford Middle School Temporary Food Distribution Site
  • Griggs-Midway Food and Supply Distribution Site in St. Paul
  • El Colegio Mercado 
  • Christ Church International
  • Other undisclosed locations. 
    • A total of 15 pallets of bulk food/supplies delivered to locations across greater Twin Cities.

Water/Solar Project

Powderhorn Sanctuary

Shortly after the tenants of the temporary housing in the Sheridan Hotel were relocated to the Powderhorn Park Sanctuary, we set up our portable two-stall shower trailer in cooperation with the Minneapolis Parks Department for use by the residents of the sanctuary.

In partnership with Footprint Project, we installed and maintained a Footprint Project solar tent to be used as a medic tent, and installed a solar trailer for the residents living in the Powderhorn Sanctuary to use to charge small electronics. 


All local volunteer opportunities will be posted on our Facebook Page. Please check our FB feed for further information and details on how to join us.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ways to Help

Donate needed supplies to local distribution centers by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist. All items donated will be distributed to residents in neighborhoods impacted by closed businesses.

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